Friday, May 28, 2010

final blogging challenge!

*i no that only one post shows up on my profile, which is the latest post ive written, butt i would have to say that i have written more then one, i probably wrote about 6 i dont really no.
*id have to say that seeing as how the only reason i started blogging or am even still doing it is because its for school, so i would probably have to say that most of the posts i put on my blog are school related, butt i will honestly say some of them were not school related.
*i dont exactly remember how many post commenets i got, because one i didnt count how many comments i got, and two i usually delete the comments right after i read them anyways so i really couldnt say how much i got anyways.
*overall i think that i got the most comments on.. actually i dont really no which one i got the most on.
*i think i didnt really like any of them the most, actually i lie, i probably did like one of them the most butt i just cant think of which one right now.
*no i didnt really change much, i no when i first started blogging i messed around with the themes and such, butt after that first time i never really played with that stuff anymore.
*well i no i used to have like 5 widgets on my profile and it just looked like way to cluttered and bunchy and stuff so i deleted alot of them and now i only have to and i will admit it looks ALOT better!(:

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